CCTV  / Closed Circuit TV Security

We supply from basic 3 or 4 camera and NVR/DVR packages for standard installations, right up to specialised cameras installations to suit many specialised situations. 

Wide Range

We offer a full range of CCTV cameras from standard right through to sophisticated, such as automated movement detection cameras that will follow movement in any selected areas, and cameras that have 'eyes in the back of their head' with one main camera and 3 others for 360 degree coverage and auto detection that follow movement.

CCTV is only available in the Christchurch and Auckland service zones.



Equipment the easy way

Camera Types

Number Plate Recognition Cameras

Great for identifying who is in and out of your yard or premises

Facial Recognition Cameras

Great for staff identification at entry and exit points as well as store rooms

Remote Control Zoom Cameras

Take control during business hours or After hours to check out if activity is genuine

Thermal Infrared Imaging Cameras

  • Dark Fighters -it can be pitch black, yet these cameras can see for 100s of metres
  • Light Fighters – where there is too much light/sun – these cameras cut the glare, and give you good images

Motion Alerts

have alerts sent direct to your phone, then you can remote in and see what is happening

People and Door Counter Cameras for Retail Shops

Need to know how may people come to your retail store each hour and day, we have the solution you have been looking for.  How many visitors equate into Sales

Heat Mapping – to see where the busiest part of your store is

Which products in your store are attracting the best response, then compare this to sales to see if you are converting interest into sales

CCTV Stream Direct to your Phone

Have completed visuals on your business or home with added alerts and warnings.

Short Term CCTV Rentals

We can supply a range of CCTV equipment and installation for hire for special needs (Terms and Conditions apply).

CCTV to POS Integration

Take live feeds from your POS system and embed these direct into the CCTV recordings, monitor staff, sales, customers, cash and payment security all in one.

Not sure what you need?  

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