Business Start-Up Help & Business Support Networks

This page is all about giving you some tips on finding resources to help your business.


As Business owners ourselves, there is nothing like having some help along the way, some Tips and assistance, and using the networks and experiences of other trusted people to help you with your enterprise.

Tip - If Uncle Louis has never run a business, then as much as you like him - don’t take his business advice, We see many mew business owners coming looking for solutions, We recommend what we do based on experience - this also includes what we refer to as “Learnings and Experiences” of others – Some of the best operators still have Mentors or Coaches, the next step up for bigger businesses is to have “a Board” - basically a group of experienced advisors. Who are you going to get advice from?

One key thing is to… Understanding the Key Drivers of your Business, knowing what things you need to be concentrating on. Another key thing is to… Concentrate on Building your own skills and knowledge, for YOU are the one that will drive your business forward.

So the message is – Don’t go it alone, get some help for YOU and your business.
Here are some ways to benefit to gain from others…

Business Mentors

If you are looking for assistance –Business Mentors NZ offers some great resources – As well as experienced Mentors that may help you -

ANZ Bank –

ANZ Bank have some really good resources for small Businesses…… Check them out for FREE at…
First go to and then from there, go to all the resource areas such as…
Starting a New Business  just-an-idea.aspx
Grow Your Business
ANZ Business Workshops

Business Books & More - … 

BOOKS - There is nothing better than getting into learning – especially from Successful real world business people. Successful stories are a great motivation. Search for books in your area of business, or just someone you admire as a business leader. A great way to be inspired.

COURSES – There are many organisations around NZ that offer affordable or even FREE courses, Google and see what you can find. 

RESOURCES – Employers Chambers, Business Associations and the like all have great resources you can get, also subscribing to all sorts of On-Line publications or groups can help with your business. 

ASSOCIATIONS – if you associate with drunks you become one, if you associate with positive like-minded business people you will have a much better chance of becoming one. Associations will have a positive influence on your business.

BNI – Business Networking International

BNI is a business and professional networking organisation that allows only one person from each profession to join any group or chapter. There are currently 126 chapters in New Zealand and some 2,650 members with a number currently under formation. Worldwide there are over 160,000 members in over 6,500 chapters in 55 countries.

Kiwi Eftpos and Point of Sale Group has a team member in a BNI group, - we gain much business from BNI – If you want to find out more and about a BNI in your area – Call Steve Batey 0800 72 73 74 and he will put you in touch with someone in your area – or go to the BNI website


Good luck with your business – If we can help with your Eftpos or POS Solution, We focus on supplying solutions that meet business needs – and then backing this all up with Great Customer Service.
One key point to remember is…. Once you buy any POS system from any POS Supplier – You are really stuck with them – as you will rely on them for service – So make sure they aren’t in to just selling you, but will actually back you up with Service when you most need it.

Have a browse through our website – and please give us a call if you want information on any product or service.



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