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Lease a POS System or Cash Register

Use a POS System—without the capital outlay!  We make the process simple and easy!

All Leasing is subject to lending and credit criteria.

We do it differently than other companies

Leasing from Kiwi Eftpos & POS Group is structured differently than most other companies. We have thought through how to make things as simple and as risk-free as possible.

Leases are direct with Kiwi Eftpos & Pos Group

This means you are not dealing with a third-party Leasing and Finance company – One that is only interested in the payment…..  and have no understanding of, or interest in POS Systems or Cash Registers.

Service contracts are included on our leases

Kiwi Eftpos and POS Group include a Service Contract with Leases.  This means that this includes Phone Support, Remote Access Support, and our expertise. Most of our opposition will charge you for each and every phone call.

Our serviced leases include “wear and tear coverage”

Leasing from Kiwi Eftpos & POS Group means you are covered by us for “wear and tear” to the POS Hardware.  This means that if a Printer head or Touch Screen hardware fails, we take care of we cover this – Hardware and labour to get you back up and running.   (Please Note – Our wear and tear lease clauses in our leases Do Not cover Damage from either liquid, physical damage or non- wear and tear damage etc).

These clauses take away the risks of finance company leasing

Leasing from the Lease and Finance Companies means that you are most likely Kiwi Eftpos & POS Group means you are covered by us for “wear and tear” to the POS Hardware.

– POS System & Cash Registers

If you want to “Lease to Own” a POS system or cash register –  A finance & leasing company is best to deal with, we are able to assist you with paperwork and applications.  With a Lease to Own option please remember that you are responsible for all the maintenance and wear and tear.   Finance for those wanting to spread the cost of a purchase over 36 Months…

Applications are easy to complete and you will receive a decision within hours of submission.

All Applications are subject to Flexi-RENT Terms and Conditions and Lending Criteria.
Payments for a fully installed Touch Screen POS Systems start from as little as $50+GST per week.

– Lease Direct with Kiwi Eftpos

Very similar to the POS and Cash Register leasing as above, depending on the contract type, we cover wear and tear, and 24/7 Phone Support is always included in our Eftpos Leases.

ALL Eftpos Leases are direct with Kiwi Eftpos & Point of Sale Group Ltd - The reason for Leasing Eftpos terminals direct with is that due to ongoing Eftpos Compliance and Date Issues.

Many other Eftpos companies use external Finane & Leasing companies, this has caused major issues in the past with Eftpos terminal software expiring before the Eftpos lease, leaving business owners with non-compliant terminals.

SO – Lease with Kiwi Eftpos & Point of Sale Group directly and be assured – With our Eftpos Compliance Guarantee as well as being Paymark Accredited Eftpos Resellers, you can be assured of your business getting looked after with the best solution.

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