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In today’s business world, having a web store is essential for survival, as more and more products are brought online every day.

Join a growing trend of retailers with a very smart Retail Management Software solution that will make running your business' physical and online stores so much simpler and easier, with Point Of Sale software that does it all in one package.


Webstore software, E-Commerce and Online Shopping are all names of the growing trend for retailers.

Recent developments of Point Of Sale software mean that running a Webstore can be so much easier.

The newest developments In Retail Management and Point of Sale Software can also be used to control the website content, this makes the management and running of your web store time efficient.


We have three Solutions to suit different types of businesses

Counter Intelligence E-Retailer

Counter Intelligence Retail POS Software has a sister software called E-Retailer - this software fully integrates with the Back Office of the POS Software to minimise substantially the labour content to manage your webstore.
Imagine selling an item, the last one you have left in-store and immediately this item is removed from the Webstore by the software – so you don’t sell the same product twice over. Then when stock is received into the store, it is automatically back up on your website for sale. What could more easy? With a couple of clicks of the mouse, a product can be on the web, on the right page and may be added to a Daily specials page if required.

Web Ordering – Web-IT for a Café or Food Outlet

If you want Web-based Ordering for a Food Outlet, Café or similar then Web-IT is the solution.
The order prints to the Barista or Kitchen Printer and the Order is saved on the POS as a Pending Sale until the Customer comes in to pick up the order. Web IT can record the Customers name and Mobile number for easily recognising the Customer - Web-IT links to IdealPOS.


If you want Fast Food Order from the Web, to different Store Locations or you have your own Call Centre taking orders and processing to each Store – then Mobi2Go is the solution for you – Mobi2Go links to IdealPOS

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