POS system software for Computers & Electronics Businesses

We recommend Counter Intelligence as the best choice for Computers & Electronics businesses

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Computers & Electronics business overview

Specializing in the sale, and sometimes service, of electronic devices such as- Televisions, DVD Players, Stereo Systems, Computers, Peripherals, etc.  and facing increasing competition and challenges due to the very nature of technological equipment and devices, which can become obsolete.

A POS system with inventory reporting and functionality, detailed customer profile information and sales history capabilities is a MUST. The ability to do gift card would be an added advantage, since gift cards for electronic items are a popular gift choice for any occasion.


Counter Intelligence software features

  • Layby

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Gift Vouchers

  • Special Orders

  • Sales & Inventory Reporting
  • Multi-Store Management

  • Stock Data

  • Customer Data

  • Salesperson Data

  • Integrated Payments
  • Customer discount matrix

  • Inventory Management

  • Label Printing

  • Stocktake terminal interface

  • Size/Colour/Style inventory

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