POS system software for Dry Cleaning Services Stores

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Dry Cleaning Services Stores overview

Dry cleaning is a service business as opposed to the more traditional sales style. Customers bring their garments to you to be cleaned and/or repaired. They then return to collect their garments after a set amount of time.

It is very important to be able to keep a track of what garments belong to which customer.  This is where Idealpos' strong customer accounts function comes into its own as each sale is linked directly to the customer.

Additional features unique to the dry cleaning business include the printing of garment tags for each item ensuring that all garments are able to be tracked throughout the process.

  • Customer Accounts
  • Promotions
  • Stock Garment Tags
  • Date/Time Configuration for Pickups
  • Barcode Scanning & Label Printing


Customer Accounts

Customer accounts are very important to dry cleaning businesses as they link the customers to the garments. This can be done with a simple ticket number, but if you have the customer's name or contact details and track their spending, you can then target your services to individual customers who need it.

Customer accounts allow you to easily contact the customer if an issue arises with their job and also lets you send a reminder to a customer that their items are ready for collection.

The main advantage of customer accounts is that they keep a record of all transactions for a particular customer, allowing you to view service history and offer discounts and promotions.

Pickup Date Function

Customers like to know when their goods will be ready, the pickup date function will print the date on the customer receipt and associated document tags. By default, this is set to 3 days, but this can be changed to suit your requirements.

Stock Garment Tags

Each garment that is given to the cleaners needs to be returned. Items are already pre-programmed with the number of tags that are required - a three-piece suit will print three tags, whereas a pair of trousers or a dress will only print one.

The receipt shows the total number of garments in the order so this can be verified when the customer comes to collect their drycleaning.

Barcode & Label Printing

Regular customers may benefit by using a customer card which is locked to their account. Cards can have a barcode printed on them which can be scanned and they will instantly be added to the sale.

You can also include barcodes on receipts and coupons to offer your customers special deals on return visits.

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