POS system software for Souvenirs Businesses


We recommend Counter Intelligence as the best choice for Souvenirs businesses

See below for an overview, then go to the Counter Intelligence page for step 2.

Souvenirs business overview

Running a souvenir shop can be difficult and challenging but you POS software does not need to be.

With an ever-changing array of products in different shapes and sizes, keeping track of stock is a priority as is the ability to send overseas with ease.

Inventory control is just one feature of Counter Intelligence.


Counter Intelligence software features

  • Layby

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Gift Vouchers

  • Special Orders

  • Sales & Inventory Reporting
  • Multi-Store Management

  • Stock Data

  • Customer Data

  • Salesperson Data

  • Integrated Payments
  • Customer discount matrix

  • Inventory Management

  • Label Printing

  • Stocktake terminal interface

  • Size/Colour/Style inventory

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