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Bars, Pubs & Clubs overview

Fast, efficient, reliable and responsive. Our software helps keep your bar service running smoothly by allowing you to lay your screen out in the best possible configuration.

To further speed up service the use of Bar tabs is an ideal option. Options include using Idealpos' internal tabs or the use of third-party options such as Clipp and Tyro.  These allow customers to open a temporary account which is closed at the end of the night, or when the patron wishes to leave the venue.

Many different promotions are available and able to be configured depending on your requirements. Many of which can also help improve your business including the ability to offer a happy hour, jackpot and raffles.

  • Internal or Third-party Bar Tabs
  • Promotions including Happy Hour, Jackpot and Raffles
  • Coupons and Gift Vouchers
  • Customisable POS Screen Layout for Fast Service
  • Stock Exchange Interface


Configurable POS Screen

Our configurable POS screen allows you to customise your screen to allow for faster more efficient service. By using images on the buttons representing different products, you make it easier for new staff who may not be used to them to quickly identify the item they are looking for.

Idealpos also allows the quick programming of the POS screen, even during the middle of a sale if required, to enable you to get your system perfect in any situation.

Used in some of Australia's most highly-reviewed bars, we know our software can stand up to even the toughest critic while still allowing your customer to enjoy a cocktail or two.

IdealPos configurable POS screen

Strong Integrations

Open bar tabs on your phone using Clipp and leave the venue as soon as you like, without needing to go back to the bar!

That is the future, and the future is now. With a direct integration between Idealpos and Clipp, you have the ability to offer your customers the best way to open a bar tab in your premises. Seamless integration means less time spent on meaningless tasks and more time spent on customer service.


Technology Advances

No more walk-outs or insufficient funds. With Tyro’s BarTab function, customers pre-authorise their bar tab limit and hold onto their card. You can finalise the tab without seeing the card again and your customers are only charged for what they use. They won’t regret anything in the morning and neither will you.

Tyro Payments Limited ACN 103 575 042 AFSL 471951 is the issuer of its own financial products and the owner of this information. Tyro does not take into account your personal circumstances. Before deciding on any products please consider if they are suitable for you.
You can contact Tyro on 02 8907 1700 or at tyro.com/contact.


Bar Tabs

The use of Bar tabs allows you to give your customer freedom by being able to purchase items from the bar and finish multiple transactions quickly, then finalising the sale when they are ready to leave.

There are many advantages to using Bar tabs vs processing a sale for every transaction, the most beneficial being time-saving. Less time processing transactions means more time serving customers. The majority of customers who open a bar tab will generally have a higher spend rate, therefore increasing profitability.

IdealPos bar tabs screenshot

Happy Hour

Allows you to easily create a Special Price Schedule, or multiples of, to give your customers specials throughout the day, which may repeat each day for the week, or for a set time e.g a day or only an hour.

Has the ability to limit which customers can receive the specials or which POS terminals to host the specials on.

IdealPos happy hour screenshot

Stock Manage App

Idealpos utilises an iPhone app to allow you better management tools for the serious side of your business, stock control. With Stock Manage you are able to perform a stocktake on all your locations, transfer stock between locations, receive items into stock and assign barcodes to all items.

If required you can use a scanning device by Linea Pro which gives your phone extra functionality. This scanning device is not required, but it is if you want to scan all your items.

Stock Manage links directly to Idealpos and transfers data in a matter of seconds, allowing you to get on with the job you need to do.

Stock Exchange Interface

Customers love a gimmick, especially one that gives them a discount on their drinks. Or does it?

The Stock Exchange allows you set the prices fluctuations of certain items you want to sell with minimum and maximum selling values. As items are sold more than others, the price of the item increases while the items that are not selling so much decrease in price. You set the times the game goes for and even have the ability to 'crash' the market.

Raffles & Jackpots

Raffles and Jackpots can give your customers additional purchase values that may make your venue more appealing.

The use of Raffles will allow you to sell tickets for various prize draws. This is usually as common as a meat tray on a particular evening. Has the ability to link it with promotions so that bulk purchasing of tickets is less than if purchased individually e.g. "Buy 1 for $1 or 5 for $4".

Jackpots are an ideal way to record sales for a specific promotion offering a randomly selected winner either at the conclusion of the promotion or specific date. This function generally works best with customers linked to every sale making it easier to identify the winner, as opposed to each customer having to keep their receipt/s.

IdealPos jackpot screenshot

Singular Customisation

An advantage of Idealpos is the ability to fully customise a single POS terminal to bar settings, while other terminals in the restaurant may be configured towards food and table service.

The bar terminal may have default access to drinks and bar service functions whilst still being able to access any food items they require on a separate tab, as well as access to the table map for complete customer management.

Additional feature info

There are many features that are used in both restaurant and quick service which can also be used in the bar to good effect.

These include Coupon Promotions, Customer Display, Customer Rewards and Kitchen Printing to name a few.

By using Idealpos' in-built Training Mode, you are able to easily see how a feature may be beneficial to your business using your very own data!

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