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Online ordering made easy for your hospitality business.

Mobi2Go takes the hard work out of setting up online ordering and integrates with IdealPos


If you want fast food ordered from the web, to different store locations, or you have a call centre taking orders and processing to each store – then Mobi2Go is the solution for you – Mobi2Go links to IdealPOS

Mobi2go ordering supports both Android and iOS and can be customised to match the look and feel of your brand, while providing customers the freedom to order from your stores while on the go.


The online storefront has a comprehensive suite of features, allowing your customers to recall previous orders, customise products, schedule orders, redeem vouchers and pay for their order on pick-up/delivery or prepay by credit card.

It can be embedded directly into your website and styled to match your brand, ensuring seamless integration with your existing website and a unified customer experience.

Advantages of Mobi2go

Mobi2go Console makes it easy to add your menu and load product images. Changes are reflected in real-time on both web and mobile.

Console also allows you to view real-time sales information, allowing you to make an informed decision about your business, add and manage extras and modifiers to products, and even order products based on popularity, manage product stock levels and related stock pricing in real-time.

The Mobi2Go Platform allows your business to reduce in-store wait times and provides an innovative service to customers.

Platform also allows you to better know your customers and tailor promotions, products and services directly to them.


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